Harbor House

About Us

At Harbor House, our vision for the future is formed by the needs and dreams of the participants and families we serve. The founding parents of Harbor House envisioned an organization that would provide their sons and daughters with challenging, enjoyable, and productive work. In the same way, the current Harbor House leadership seeks to provide a growing array of support and services that will ensure participants have appropriate opportunities for self-fulfillment while making a meaningful contribution to society.

In implementing our mission through employment, self-determination, education, and community-building opportunities, we are continuously leveraging limited resources in new and creative ways while staying at the forefront of positive trends.


We are an intergenerational community that empowers individuals of all ages, abilities, and aspirations by providing opportunities through innovative vocational, health, and educational services.

Our mission is to weave a tapestry of love, hope, and empowerment by embracing life together.

Our Team

Our diverse and dedicated team are here to work diligently to ensure love, hope, and empowerment are interwoven.

Our History

Harbor House was founded in 1992 by a group of 11 families who each had a son or daughter with disabilities aging out of school-system education and daily care. These parents wanted their children to live more fulfilling lives, but saw nothing in existence at the time that could provide such an experience. Together, they laid the foundations of our organization that today provides adults with disabilities challenging, enjoyable, and productive activities that enrich their day-to-day lives and gives each individual a sense of purpose and identity within our community.

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Annual Reports

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